As an Iranian artist living in the USA, Sandy has woven a rich tapestry of creativity over the past 30 years, exploring diverse realms of traditional art. Her artistic journey began with a passion for photography, dance, ceramics, and textile arts.

Sandy's work is a celebration of the intersection between tradition and innovation. Now, with the latest AI tools at her fingertips, Sandy transcends conventional boundaries, channeling her creative visions into realms unimaginable before. Exhibited: NYC, Rome, Medellín, Istanbul, Pakistan.

Founder of Crypto Canvas Chronicles, a community project to bridge the divide between NFT & Crypto community. 

Senior curator on Hugs platform and host of 'crypto canvas chronicles' spaces interviewing artists and blockchain developers. 


My NFT journey began with my black and white photography on Tezos blockchain.

"the art of suffering" 20% of profits go to cure GM1 foundation

a non-profit to help find a cure

Graceful Sister 1/1

Times Square billboard + Rome exhibition + SuperRare - Montage

admission 🎉

My genesis drop on @SuperRare via @spacemontage & @sloikaxyz 

A sister's betrayal cuts deep and true, Leaving wounds that are hard to undo. It's tough to let go and move on, Though it must be done before too long.

Listed at 1.1 ETH  

Fakhri - فخری

In the delicate petals, a secret unfurls,

A dance of love that endlessly whirls.

In each fragrant note of this sacred perfume,

Glorious moments of life's endless bloom.


1/1 Part of WOMEN’S WORLD on @foundation

and won open call

 Musee Dezentral: "IN DAILOGUE" Metaverse Museum Exhibition

link here 

The Galactic Maiden 

Selected for exhibition at NFTNYC April 2024.

The galactic maiden is a dynamic figure, embodying the possibilities and challenges of space travel. 

22 maidens Available on - ETH 

She represents the human spirit of exploration, discovery, and growth, and inspires us to reach for the stars and achieve great things in the cosmos. 

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Eternal Love

Eternal love burns bright,

A fire that never dies.

In hearts it always glows,

Forever as it grows.


A TezTuna event 

February 2023

Love Actually collection 

We live to love

Together, Forever

Sold out 12 editions

available on objkt - Tezos 

This is a collaboration of my ai art, and poetry with Greg Wilcox.

(Multi-instrumentalist and award-winning Tuvan Throatsinger) @20BloodRecords

She sings a song of longing and pain,

Her voice soft like the falling rain,

She dances alone in the moonlit night

Wishing with all her might.

For her samurai to return to her,

Together they'll conquer, they'll never deter,

For they are stronger as one than apart,

With a love that beats within each heart.

So she waits with patience and gentle smile,

Hoping her love will return in just a while,

For they are meant to be together always,

In a bond that lasts through all of their days.

KIMONO - 着物 

(animation with music)

SOLD OUT  10 editions - on objkt 

Intricate as the whispers of the bamboo's sway, 

This kimono holds the night and the day. 

Its history veiled in mystery, conon Objkt cealed in time, 

In the heart of the bamboo, a treasure to find.

- Music by @razma 

Wings of Paradise 

Sold out 10 editons on objkt 

AI animation and poem by Sandytoes2211 - assisted by ChatGPT 

Music by Razmard

These, "wings of paradise," carry us high, 

Through realms of wonder, where dreams never die, 

Painting horizons with stories untold, 

In the tapestry of skies, where secrets unfold. 

 Yalda - شب یلدا

 For centuries, we have celebrated and watched as the longest night of the year gives way to dawn. According to the ancients, this night of the year requires protection from evil spirits and everyone must stay together and not fall asleep.

Pomegranates represent life and the crimson hues of dawn. Persians have continued to celebrate this tradition with song, poetry, dance, and delicious food. It is a time to reflect on all that has passed and to say goodbye to the long dark nights, once again.

This is my gift to my friends who have been here and supporting one another. I wish you all good health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming new year.

on secondary  - tezos

Fantastical Collection is a collaboration with Lucid dreamer as I began my journey into ai art - this is a combination of my photography combined with ai.

website for all things 'fantsatical' 

Second Fantastical Animals collection is sold out on

Now on secondary

 on tezos  

Collection of over 1000 Fantsatical Animals still minting on OmniFlix Network 

After our sold out collection on tezos, Lucid Dreamer and I decided to make a larger blind mint collection of more Fantastical Animals.

A collaboration with 9 ai artists for 2022 900 1/1 holiday collection

The use of both color & grey, is to depict the stark contrast between the intense energy and euphoria of the manic state and the underlying sadness and emptiness that can accompany it.

collaboration with @RIL

Charlatans of Tokyo - 東京のペテン師SOLD OUT

available on secondary #tezos 

A story of night crawlers stealing the dreams and possessions of the day builders

collaboration with Lucid Dreamer

Galactic Battle 2211

Won the Grand Prize award 

in TezTown 'Out of this world' competition.

tezos -

I am who I am because of the forces that shape me. 

The universe pushes and molds us but we have a part that shapes our personality.

spacebase 2211

Cosmic Girl

It was the night of the Matsuri festival and the ancient onna bugeisha were out in full force. 



Stories of ancient warriors 

日 本

Aliens and ai art have sparked our imagination.

Time Surfer

Time Traveler Series is a collaboration of my photography and ai with Lucid Dreamer on Known Origin

Portal of Morro Bay

Temple of Astor


Ladies of Ganymede

A sexy scifi adventure on Jupiter's moon Ganymede

collaboration with Lucid Dreamer

on tezos  blockchain

On objkt

Cyber Tears - Sold 

manifold gallery - ETH

A collaboration with Lucid Dreamer

Some people see her as a work of art, while others see her as a tool or a toy. Either way, she is fascinating and alluring, and everyone who meets her is drawn to her in some way.

As the story progresses, we learn more about the girl and her purpose. We also see how she affects the people around her, and how they in turn affect her. Ultimately, the story is about love and connection, and how even the most unlikely of people can find a place in our hearts.

manifold gallery - ETH

A collaboration with Lucid Dreamer

In her dream, she found herself walking through a beautiful landscape. The sky was a deep blue, and the sun was shining. She felt happy and content. 

ANCESTORS' DREAM - Animation & Music

The First Nation people have a rich and storied history. For centuries, they have been a proud and independent nation, existing peacefully alongside their neighbors. However, in recent years, their way of life has come under threat. They have been forced to confront the loss of their ancestral lands, the loss of their language, and the loss of their cultural identity.

Despite these challenges, the First Nation people continue to fight for their survival. They believe in the power of their dreams and their ancestors, and they refuse to give up on their culture. They are a proud and resilient nation, and they will continue to fight for their survival.

This is a collaboration with @luciddreamnf1

Music score by @PevenEverett

18 Classic cars

proceeds for Cure GM1 foundation

RareDiseaseMonth 2/23


Classic Cars is a sold out collection

To celebrate the drop of the $FLIX token, I created the Punk Cats on OmniFlix Network

The cats knew they had a new purpose in life.

In the not-too-distant future, a sleek tomcat gang of feline resistance fought against the human gangs.

Punk Cats is a 


33 unique

Punk Cats |available on secondary on OmniFlix


Cosmic Hare is a sold out collection on OmniFlix blockchain now on secondary 

Sacred Connections


Music by @razmrd

A collaboration series examing Sacred Geometry and the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. It embodies the eternal cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction, reflecting the nature of life itself. link here 

Sandy's Tent

Under the vast expanse of the desert's starlit dome, The gypsy's tent stands, a sanctuary to call home. A special collection for special collectors.

link here